Group events and corporate days



Our fishery is an ideal venue for groups of all sizes, whether the group is an angling club with experienced anglers,school or business of mixed abilty or no angling experience. The venue has a lodge cabin near the car park, which is often used as a meeting point for most clubs and groups for a hot drink and to discuss tactics before fishing. Any group of 10+ anglers will get free entry paid to enter the compitition for the tagged fish worth £300 


All fishing gear can be hired out free of charge with a £10 pound deposit and showing of a valid EA rod licence(available online or at the post office), however if you would like to keep the gear after fishing you can pay an extra £30 and keep the rod and reel, backing line, and fly line ready for you to go fishing again. If you call the day before to let us know how many are fishing we will have all gear set up ready for arrival.



We have a number of qualified angling coaches able to come to the fishery on the day of the events to help teach you the basics of fly fishing and help you catch a fish, also anyone working at the venue will be experienced at fly fishing and will be able to  show you how to cast and the tactics needed to catch a fish links.


Qualified coaches that use this venue 

Frank willams                   chris price 


TEL: 01594541229          TEL: 01495231899

Mobile 07824363376 






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